In 2015, Jodi Church founded Uniquely Cloud and became a Certified Salesforce Administrator working with Salesforce Customers from a number of industries such as Not for Profit to Larger Commercial Organisations, her passion has been spreading Salesforce Customer Success.

From being a corporate end user of this world renowned CRM system, and familiar with off-shore implementation practices, Uniquely Cloud’s difference is having the empathy, patience and tolerance required to work with any team on bringing on Salesforce as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Most recently Jodi has guest authored industry blogs and using her widening strengths to other digital technologies and business consultancy, particularly in the customer experience and end to end journey.

As every business and its vision grow with experience and more worldly eyes, in 2019 Uniquely Cloud has become ‘Uniquely’.  The main driving factor : it’s true.

“As the founder I have found myself in amazing situations. The rounded-ness of my skill set has proven I can achieve and succeed with anything thrown at me.

Now being a ‘solutions architect’, it’s not just tech world it applies.

More recently, I had a friend with a challenge on her website migration.  And this is what has spurred me on reassess what we are able to offer – because I know there are many small businesses that want to have the tools and skills they deserve to run their business to compete with the monopoly.

What I am finding is that time after time, suppliers are not caring enough about the every day business owner or self-employed person, the ones working on their kitchen bench or if they are lucky.

My company has another side to it.  Which provides solutions to every day home problems.  Whether it’s a handle fallen off a door – or a door that just keeps popping open.  Even down to you car not selling on Gumtree, we solve that too.”

At Uniquely, we are unicorns, simply put.  Those hard to find multi-talented, jack of all trades people and we can’t bucket our selves any more to one industry, we are helping so many people,  not just businesses, with every day problems that they just don’t know how to fix and even with the best intentions of using Google and YouTube to solve it on their own, it simply comes down to time and resources being the major reason they can’t resolve it.

Uniquely are here to help or if you would like Jodi to speak at any events, please reach out on the contact us page.