In 2015 Jodi Church founded Uniquely Cloud and became a Certified Salesforce Administrator.  Working with and amongst a number of Salesforce Customers and Partners from Not for Profit to Large Commercial Organisations her passion has been spreading Customer Success.

From being a corporate end user & customer, in turn, familiar with off-shore implementation practices, Uniquely Cloud’s difference is having the empathy, patience and tolerance required to work with any team on bringing on Salesforce as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Give a thought to the expertise and advice where Salesforce may not be a sales tool, but rather a way to monitor processes in any industry or a way to segment data for optimum marketing strategies.

We are proud supporters of the Local User Group resource and want everyone to feel comfortable using Salesforce.

From Salesforce to Hubspot, we give consideration to any CRM you may be considering implementing or integrating to other systems.  Backed by a wonderful team we hope to help you next.